Due to our many years of experience and our internal and external network of professionals and specialists, we can help you with all financial matters from a big-picture perspective.

Our main areas of expertise are:

Extra services:

Responsibility for your assets

Swiss quality

Capital protection and stability are our top priorities. To optimise your portfolio’s performance, we match your personal risk tolerance and risk capacity with the respective investment opportunities. In doing so, we take into account the regulatory requirements in Switzerland and abroad.

We pass on any reimbursements from your custodian banks to you.

We manage and monitor your assets continuously.

We report periodically on the performance of your assets.

Reliability and transparency

As asset managers, your goals and wishes are our only concern. Our structured and holistic approach is the basis of a successful and personal client relationship.

Our actions are based on a long-term strategy agreed jointly with you. ARP is renowned for its many years of experience, proven financial and market knowledge, independence and high level of interpersonal skills.

Personal, independent and performance-oriented

If you wish, we can offer you an impartial and independent support in selecting a suitable custodian bank. For interdisciplinary issues, we work together with internal and external specialists in Switzerland and abroad.

Your assets are deposited with your bank in your name. ARP only receives a limited asset management commission. For our work we charge either a fixed management fee or a combination of profit sharing and management fee.

Investment advice that meets your needs

We advise. You decide.

While we appreciate you would like to make your own investment decisions, you may want to benefit from our years of experience and impartial advice.

We listen to our clients carefully and provide advice without any influences from third-party interests. Ultimately though, it’s always up to you to make the decisions regarding your own investments.

You are free to decide how extensive the advice and how tailored the investment proposals should be. We’re there to guide you at all times.

Control and monitoring

We strive for maximum security and the highest possible transparency. We carefully check and monitor while at the same time look to the future ahead.

With our early warning system, we ensure that your investments are managed professionally and in accordance with your instructions and that your interests are always protected. Possible undesirable developments and any need for action are highlighted promptly.

On your behalf, we monitor the market and contractual compliance of each individual transaction. Within the framework of risk limitation, we monitor investment restrictions, diversification and counterparty risks. We check the accounts of the custodian banks and uncover possible excessive charges, fees, hidden costs and incorrect price settlements.

The analysis of the investment results achieved, the monitoring of the investment instruments used and the comparisons with other asset managers create transparency and help to pinpoint optimisation potential.

We take pride in providing impartial advice.